Do you have critical  environments such as Aircraft hangers and repair facilities and sensitive storage areas that are in danger of damage because of birds/ Pests

Pest-Go bird Control products are all you need. As the exclusive distributors for the worlds most trusted bird deterrent, we have completed over 3000 installations all over India is one of the worlds busiest and most complex aviation networks.

Best suited for Aviation, Infrastructure, Military, Oil & Gas, Government & critical applications.

Get your facility audit done now and be rid of these pests using our non-toxic, food lab tested and species protective gels.                                                 Download Brochure.

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Highly rated and  respected brand of sanitaryware and bathroom fittings, choose from a wide range of products styles and applications.

Hughe Safety

Hughes Safety have been at the forefront of emergency safety shower, eye/face wash & decontamination equipment.

Bradford Heaters

Preferred brand of water heaters to clients around the world. Excellent quality and product life. Sold in over 20 countries and superior customer support


Build the bathroom of your dreams, exquisite fittings and unmatched quality and prices. choose from a wide range of products .Direct from factory.

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